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Young Advisors




Preston Road Youth Facility

Preston Road Youth Facility is purpose built building, designed by and managed by young people. At the same time as the Hull Young Advisors Pilot Scheme began the process for the Youth Facility began too.

Initially the Young Advisors worked with residents and young people to find out what the hopes and fears for the centre would be. This process helped to bring young people and the local residents closer together and have a greater understanding of each others needs. They also collected the views of local young people to find out how they would want to use the building.

Once support, understanding and the wish list from young people had been gained, the Young Advisors worked with the Architect (Chris Gowers from Gowers Bell) and Rob Cawkwell (Sewell's construction) to begin planning the actual building. With the Budget set Chris and Rob spent time with the Young Advisors explaining costs, how rooms worked alongside each other, how to take into consideration the services (water, drains etc) that are already there as well as the activities that will be carried out in the building.

Chris then produced a virtual image of the building that was presented to young people and residents, the Young Advisors also took the design to the NDC Board and then attended the Planning meeting to answer to any objections presented.

The Young Advisors worked relentlessly to promote and support the value of having a purpose built Youth Facility on the Estate. Today the building stands proud and it is respected by everyone that uses it as well as being supported by all the residents that live nearby.

Preston Road NDC