About us

Who we are

Young Advisors are young people aged between 15 and 24, who show community leaders how to engage young people in community life, local decision-making and improving services. They also work with business leaders, bringing unique expertise and knowledge about being young to influence strategic planning, decision-making and marketing.

The Young Advisors network is managed by a central charity, which brings the network of social franchises across the UK cohesion and support.

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What we believe


  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Kwakye
    Emmanuel joined the board in 2014, having previously been a Youth Councillor, Head Boy of his school, and a leader in a youth group attended by over 150 young people at a time. Emmanuel is currently an undergraduate at Derby University, studying Civil Engineering - and aiming for a first!

    Emmanuel’s hobbies are dancing, reading and spoken word.

The Team

Watch this space!


  • Kev
    Kevin Jones
    Training Associate
    Kevin's our man in youth work - he's had 25 years of experience in the field in a variety of sectors, and teaches occasionally at Bolton University.

    He's also a great trainer who you may be lucky enough to get if you're nice enough to us.
  • Mary
    Mary McGuigan
    Communications Associate
    A lover of language and storytelling, Mary has over 16 years communication experience in financial services, retail and the third sector. Her skills include internal communication, marketing, event planning and PR.

    A professional Mancunian and self-confessed geek she loves very hot curry, sci-fi, immersing herself in literature and tearing around the countryside with her rescue pups.
  • Rich
    Richard Wall
    Training Associate
    Rich has taught in schools, advised business start-ups, led outdoor residentials, and loves writing and delivering training. He also spent 7 years working on the stand-up comedy circuit.

    Now based in the Midlands, he spends his spare time running, writing, eating, and putting on comedy gigs in weird places.